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Residential Window Tinting‎

Residential Window Tinting‎ | Auto Trim - Dothan, AL

Tired of faded wallpaper, peeling paint, and pale furniture? The reason may be sun damage caused by the glare from windows in direct sunlight. A lot of people don’t realize that a window focuses the incoming sunlight, making it more likely to cause damage to your interior furnishing and finishes. This may be unavoidable, in which case residential window tinting can help.

Sick of the sun causing blind spots in your home, glare on your computer screen, or windows you can’t look at? Home window tinting can help by reflecting the sun back outside instead of into your home. Enjoy looking out of your windows orseeing that computer screen again with Auto Trim.

Are your cooling costs especially high in the heat of the summer? Are heating costs soaring in the winter months? The concentrated sunlight from windows can heat your home up significantly in summer. Conversely, unprotected windows can reduce the heat retained in your home by allowing the heat to escape through your windows in winter. Residential window tinting can easily solve both of these problems, saving you money on your utility bills all year round.

Perhaps you have a room which is especially exposed to the outdoors or is hard to shade? Maybe you can’t escape having this room exposed to passers-by? Window tinting provides a high degree of privacy by shading the room to onlookers. Enjoy all of your rooms, even at night.

Find a respite from many of the problems caused by too much sunlight. Our trained technicians can answer your questions and help you decide what is right for you. No job is too big or too small! Auto Trim is here to help residents in the Dothan, AL area with all their residential window tinting needs.