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Commercial Window Tinting‎

Commercial Window Tinting‎ | Auto Trim - Dothan, AL

What are some of the reasons to choose commercial window tinting? How can it help? Many businesses in Dothan, AL are unsure...

Residential Window Tinting‎

Residential Window Tinting‎ | Auto Trim - Dothan, AL

Tired of faded wallpaper, peeling paint, and pale furniture? The reason may be sun damage caused by the glare from windows...

Auto Tinting

Auto Tinting | Auto Trim - Dothan, AL

Auto tinting provides comfort in addition to style. The reasons for choosing auto tinting for your motor vehicle are varied. They...


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Welcome to Auto Trim

As a company that has been in business for 26 years, Auto Trim offers expert tinting services in the Dothan, AL area. Whether you are looking for tinting for your home, office, or car, Auto Trim can offer you superior tints. It can get very warm, especially in the summer months. Let Auto Trim help keep you cool and keep the sun out.

If you are looking to save some cooling costs and reduce glare in your home, we offer residential window tinting. Nobody enjoys the harsh glare and sun damage that can result from direct sunlight. Home window tinting can save you the hassle. Don’t let your dayroom or sunroom become the most faded room of the house. Window tinting can help prevent this kind of damage.

For businesses, we offer commercial window tinting. No job is too small and may save some money in cooling costs. This kind of window tint can help prevent the kind of damage common in commercial windows. Window tinting also helps reduce that famous office glare and restores privacy.

Cars spend a lot of time in direct sunlight. This can fade anything under that light and heat the car up considerably. If you want to avoid an overheated car and prevent sun damage in the long term, consider auto tinting. This is a stylish and durable option to keep your vehicle cool and helps to prevent fading of the interior.

As professionals specializing in window tint, we can address all of your concerns and questions about tinting. Many people have misinformation about tinting products and cost. We can point you in the right direction. We are happy to address any and all concerns and questions or any difficulties you may have.For all of your tinting needs, your one stop shop is Auto Trim.